Centre for Intelligent Mechatronics and Manufacturing

The Centre for Intelligent Manufacturing and Mechatronics is diverse, unique and is the only centre at the University of Auckland conducting intelligent mechatronics and manufacturing research.

We work together, cooperatively sharing our related expertise and resources in manufacturing and mechatronics engineering. We rely strongly on shared fundamental sciences such as machine learning, articial intelligence, robotics, automation, sensors and actuators.

Our centre is made up of two themes, Factories of the Future (FoF), and Intelligent
Mechatronics and Biomechatronics (IMB). Factories of the Future, will enable New Zealand manufacturers to become future-oriented by embracing Industry 4.0 opportunities to their full extent. Intelligent Mechatronics and Biomechatronics, connects the complementary areas of intelligent mechatronics, biomechatronics and robotics, and encourages collaboration across multiple boundaries. We focus on topics like electrophysiology, soft robotics, robotic manipulation, biomimicking, in-vitro testing, wearable sensors, human-machine interfaces, computer-assisted diagnosis and prosthetic, assistive and rehabilitation devices.

The close collaboration between FoF and IMB allows for the automation of many manufacturing processes that use unique robots, sensors and sensors by IMB. The applications of emerging technology in FoF could easily be adapted for use in wearable sensors in the IMB theme.